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Senior Accountant



Accounting & Finance
Walnut Creek, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024

The Opportunity

As an early member of the Finance and Administration team, you will have a critical impact on building streamlined and efficient finance and administrative processes through a combination of outsourcing and system development/implementation. This is an exciting opportunity to drive efficiency from the very beginning and be a part of experimenting and implementing state of the art and leading-edge processes and technologies. As the main administrative go-to role, you will be in an enviable position of being the primary point of contact for all our employees and teams to allow for both problem-solving and guidance when needed.

You will have continuous exposure to a highly experienced and dynamic corporate and finance management team including the CEO/Founder and CFO. Both have significant success in their areas of expertise. The CEO had 10 years of General Contractor project executive experience with a large general contractor prior to founding Clearstory 7 years ago. The CFO is one of the most accomplished SaaS CFOs, having been operationally involved in 10 different SaaS companies (7 successful exits and 3 in flight), both private and public. This combination of 1) stage of company 2) exposure to executives and 3) your desire to learn will allow you to experience how to effectively grow and run the finance and other administrative functions (HR, payroll, taxes) of a company at the corporate level.

The Company You’ll Join

At Clearstory, we make the construction industry more efficient by using technology to better manage change orders between companies, which is a highly inefficient and manual process today - even at the largest contractors in the US.

Just as TurboTax did for tax documents and Expensify did for receipts and expense reports, Clearstory is doing for change order communication and log management by building first-of-its-kind, category defining software that is revolutionizing the commercial construction industry.

Clearstory is the first and (still) sole company focusing on this problem. We are currently focused on the larger general contractors and subcontractors, but every contractor in the US has this need.

We intelligently digitize this age-old paper process by creating software tools to help general contractors and their subcontractors dramatically increase the organization and efficiency of this system. This leads to an increase in profits, more successful contractor to customer relationships, more transparency into a project’s true cost, and less wasted paper!

Every day thousands of pounds of paper and hundreds of personnel hours are consumed to record and communicate extra work completed on construction job sites around the world. This extra work is the basis for change orders.

These pieces of paper can take days or weeks to reach the office and from there need to be scanned, manually transcribed, and tediously recorded into spreadsheets, that is, if they aren’t lost or damaged first.

In an industry with constant change and thin margins, this results in a significant loss of valuable time and money for hard working contractors.

Importantly, a significant number of new customer leads come from our existing General Contractor clients inviting their subcontractors to join our system and vice versa creating the long term network effect we will leverage over time.